We offer a secure environment for fleet operators

Cyberautox creates a secure environment for fleet operators and their commercial vehicles. As the number of cyber threats continues to increase, it is crucial to have professionals utilizing cutting-edge AI/ML and cloud-based technologies to safeguard and guarantee the safety of all vehicle types, drivers, and fleet operators.

Automotive Cybersecurity

We are dedicated to the development of cybersecurity technologies specifically designed for automotive environments.

Our primary objective is to pioneer the development of cybersecurity technologies tailored for automotive environments. Leveraging our extensive background in military and private cybersecurity, we have successfully obtained patents for our innovative technology. Our field-tested products and established track record demonstrate our expertise in creating robust, high-end cybersecurity solutions for complex environments. As industry leaders, we excel in detecting anomalies and threats, and our deep experience includes collaborating with leading OEMs and Tierls suppliers.

Automotive Cybersecurity

Our mission is developing cyber-security technologies for automotive environments.

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